Auto Salvage

Sometimes the deal seems to be too good when you browse the Internet, looking for a vehicle you could possibly purchase. Its price may be catchy, but after reading through the details, you realize that the ad has two most words attached to it, "Salvage Title". This simply implies that the car is not exactly brand new. cheap motor trade insurance companies sell damaged cars to repairers, who later put them up for sale with this title attached. Salvage title vehicles are inexpensive options for those who would like to venture this direction, and may fit many people's budgets, as long as they are sure of the direction they are taking.

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What exactly do we mean by "Salvage vehicles"?

When a car has gone through an accident, experts verify the amount of damage that has been done, and if it exceeds a certain percentage, the vehicle is deemed as a wreck. This means that no more repairs can be done to the car to have it back on the road. At this juncture, vehicle agencies give a salvage certificate to the vehicle, declaring that it is not possible to buy, register or sell the item at its current condition. Motortrade insurance companies then send the vehicle to car dismantlersrepairers at a price and the car is restored. Once ready, it undergoes some safety inspection checks and if the car is given a thumbs up, it is declared "salvaged" so that any other owner knows and understands its past.

Different damages leading to 'salvage title' tags

It is not just a collision that can cause a car to be deemed a total wreck (though in most cases it is the major cause). A few more reasons for giving a vehicle such a title are

- Flood damages Floods can be destructive even to vehicles, especially if the vehicle is not reclaimed in good time. Sometimes, after being repaired, the title may be changed to 'flood-damage' for more understanding about the damage that the car was through.

- Hail damage Just as above, hailstorms can be extremely destructive to a car, and companies can have a tag implying that the vehicle underwent such disaster.

- Theft recovery Sometimes, especially when a car has gone missing for quite long, the insurance company may brand it salvaged once it is found. This may be because some parts might be missing or excessively damaged.

Is it advisable to purchase such a vehicle?

There is no straight 'yes or no' answer to this question. Pros and cons exist whenever you decide to purchase one. On one hand, it is a good start for a first-time vehicle buyer, who may not have much to spend, or may not have the experience to spend a lot on one item. People who are light on their budgets or are looking for second-hand vehicles can also go for this option. In fact, high-end luxury vehicles are known to be of great value when branded as salvaged. On the other hand, however, you ought to be careful, as most of these cars are prone to engine problems or otherwise. The best to do is have the vehicle checked, after you purchase it from a reputable repairer.